Terms of service

  1. The user must validate your email account if it is required
  2. The account is personal and non-transferable
  3. The commercial use of the account is not permitted
  4. The use of automated processes within the service is not allowed
  5. The user agrees only to add social networking accounts that they own
  6. The massive construction of libraries is not allowed
  7. Use browser addons to alter the behavior of the service is not allowed
  8. ricube reserves the right to chnage the conditions of use at any time giving prior reasonable time

The breach of the terms of use, will result in account suspension.

Warranty disclaimer and limitation of responsability

ricube it is an experimental service, and although the intention is to maintain data integrity and availability to 100%, in any case is not guaranteed.


ricube is trying to clarify as much as possible the privacy used as well as the implications of user data on the Internet. This document privacy issues is explained in detail, trying to ensure the maximum possible security of user data.

ricube reserves the right to modify the privacy policies at any time and without notice, so we recommend you to periodically review these policies.


  1. ricube(and any website, without exception) keeps a private record (LOG) with certain data of users who visit. This public register contains data asIP(which can estimate the ISP, country and/or city) page that is accessed, used browser, page where appropriate, etc. These data are public in a way, because when you browse, are recorded on the servers of the pages you access.
  2. ricube uses own cookies only for technical purposes, such as user authentication and/or language selection. In any case, these cookies are used for other purposes described above.
  3. ricubeuses Google Analytics for the compilation of statistics on access, so, besides the aforementioned cookies,Google Analyticsuses its own cookies for perform its function. In any case these cookies include personal or private information about users.
  4. Users can eliminate or prevent the delivery of those cookies from your browser options.
  5. Blocking cookies does not guarantee proper operation of the service.

Privacy Policy

  1. ricube only accesses social networks registered that have been authorized, and in no event shall communicate to third parties private information.
  2. We never provide any information to third parties which can connect links to registered users.
  3. The registered users can disable access at any time on the web, or revoke permission from social network options.
  4. The content of the links will be considered public communication, however, their administrators can restrict access using the file robots.txt or meta tag if appropriate.

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Conditions of use

  1. The user declares that owns the email
  2. Requesting for an invitation does imply getting one
  3. Yield an invitation is allowed

The breach of conditions lead to the suspension of the account or accounts related to the invitation.


  1. The email address provided will be incorporated into a register managed by ricube
  2. This register is used for sending invitations and important information of the service
  3. The user can request an optout sending an email to ten.ebucir@ih
  4. ricube won't provide the email address to third parties